1 A pro-taxpayer voice. Ryan McCabe is a lifelong, conservative Republican who believes in low taxes and fiscal responsibility. He’ll oppose wasteful spending and fight to let us keep more of our own, hard-earned money. He’ll be our taxpayer watchdog.

2 Listening. Ryan will listen to us. He’ll listen to our views and suggestions. He’ll hold community meetings and distribute issue surveys to seek our input. He’ll be easily accessible. Most importantly, he’ll return our calls. And Ryan will stay in touch with us all year long... not just at election time!

3 Our interests, not special interests. Ryan will look out for our interests, not the special interests that already have too much control over the Legislature. He’ll put our interests first -- always. And he’ll stand up for us. He’ll never be afraid to fight for the needs of the average, hard-working citizens of our district... even when it means standing up to party bosses and the political “power-brokers.”

4 It’s time for a change. Even people who personally like the incumbent believe 16 years is too long for any politician to hold our area’s only State House seat. Politicians who hold office for too long often become part of the problem, rather than the solution. They become beholden to special interests, and lose touch with the needs of ordinary taxpayers. On the other hand, new blood and fresh ideas are healthy for government. Isn’t it time for a change?

5 Our views. Our values. Ryan McCabe thinks like the majority of our mainstream-conservative community. As a Lifetime Member of the NRA, he's an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment. He’s steadfastly pro-life and believes all lives, including the unborn, are precious. He believes all who serve in uniform to protect us -- whether as police officers or members of the Armed Services -- deserve our immense gratitude and respect. Above all, he’s a proud, patriotic American. In short, he shares our views and our values.

6 The kind of person we need. Ryan is a devoted family man who is  heavily involved in his community and his church. He’s a man of deep spiritual faith who believes service to others is our highest calling. He has a solid reputation for honesty and integrity. He genuinely cares about our future, and he’s committed to making our area a better place for future generations. In short, he’s the kind of person we need serving us!

Why Ryan McCabe

is our BEST choice for Statehouse 

Citizens Committee for Ryan McCabe

1768 Old Charleston Road, Lexington 29073.
Contact Ryan any time at 803-530-3084 or d.ryan.mccabe@gmail.com.

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